GitHub emiljohansson

Design System

Design system for the apps developed by Emil Johansson.

Password Manager

Password manager for the apps developed by Emil Johansson.

Card Games

Some simple card games.

Password Generator

Generate a password that is difficult to guess.

Random String

Generate a random string of characters.

Current Time

Get the current time.

Progress Bar

Progress bar with a percentage.

Confirm Button

Hold down the button to confirm the action.


Calculate a mathematical expression from an API route.


Custom React Hooks.

Encrypt and Decrypt Strings

Encrypts and Decrypts a string.

Encode and Decode JWT

Encodes and Decodes a JWT.

Generate a JWT

Generates a JWT.


Authorize flow.

Two-Factor Authentication - Generate Code

Generate a two-factor authentication code.

Two-Factor Authentication - Enter Code

Enter a two-factor authentication code.